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Commuter Lots

Commuter Lots in Connecticut's South Western Region

Commuter lots (also called park-and-ride lots) are a facet of transportation demand management, promoting alternatives to single-occupany vehicle travel, such as ridesharing, carpooling, vanpooling, and public transportation programs. The lots provide a convenient place for people to meet and travel togethr in one vehicle or bus, thereby reducing the need for individuals to travel separately in their own cars. SWRPA periodically conducts an inventory of the Region's commuter lots to assess the condition and usage of these facilities. The following document provide a narrative, table and map of the lots in the Region, describing their conditions and utilization at the time of the inventory.

Click on the image below to view SWRPA's interactive Commuter Lot Inventory map, which shows the location of commuter lots and summarizes information from current and past inventories.

View South Western Region Commuter Lot Inventory in a larger map

Note: Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for optimum viewing.

Past Inventories

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