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TIP -Transportation Improvement Program

South Western Region Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

What is the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)?

The  South Western Region Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is developed in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), municipalities and transit operators in the South Western Region.  The TIP is a listing of all state and local federally funded  transportation improvements over the next four years and is  part of the Statewide TIP (STIP). As projects in the TIP are modified and new projects identified the TIP is amended.

Projects included in the TIP are reviewed for potential benefits and burdens to the Region's communities are included as part of the annual Environmental Justice  report.

 **Draft 2015-2018 TIP for South Western Region**

The Draft 2015-2018 TIP for the South Western Region and corresponding CTDOT Air Quality Conformity Reports are now available for review and comment. The thirty day comment period will extend from September 22, 2104 to October 22, 2014. All comments must be received in writing and may be submitted electronically to Comments must be received on or before October 22, 2014.

All relevant materials and information are provided below:

 Comments for the 2015 Draft TIP should be addressed to:

      Mr. Robert Sachnin

      Senior Regional Planner

      South Western Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA)

      888 Washington Boulevard, 3rd Floor

      Stamford, CT, 06901

 The 2012-2015 TIP for the South Western Region Endorsed by the MPO & US DOT


 TIP PROJECT MAP and Database- FFY 2012 - 2015

TIP Database Application

Click on the link below to navigate to SWRPA's interactive TIP Map.

Google Earth: Download TIP Projects KML files

CTDOT Bridge Programs - SWR Extract             

Transportation Funding Programs

SWRPA Project Evaluation Criteria


CTDOT conducts an Air Quality Conformity analysis with each update of the TIP and LRTP to ensure that projects will not adversely affect air quality in the region. Reports are posted on the CTDOT website under Air Quality Conformity Determination Reports.  Additional information on air quality conformity is also available on the Air Quality Conformity webpage


   FY2013 Obligated Project Report

     Previous Obligated Project Reports:

 A full listing of projects in CT for which funding was obligated in 2011 is posted on the CTDOT website:


The STIP is a four year financial document listing all  projects anticipated to receive federal funding within the same four year period. The present 2012 STIP covers federal fiscal years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and FYI (which represents anticipated future year investments). The STIP is updated periodically and encompasses the Regional TIPs within the state.

Access to both 2010 and 2012 CTDOT STIP documents can be found at the link provided below:



For more information contact Sue Prosi at (203) 316-5190.

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