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STP Enhancement Program


2011 Program Information and Application

Connecticut DOT has released the program guide and application for the 2011 STP-Enhancement Program.  It is estimated that $1.454 million will be allocated to the South Western Region beginning in FFY2013.    All applicants must inform SWRPA that they intend to apply before preparing an application.  SWRPA will work individually with each applicant to develop a schedule and submission that meets the program's requirements.

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The Transportation Enhancement (TE) activities are a subcomponent of the Surface Transportation Program (STP). TE activities help expand transportation choices and enhance the transportation experience.  Funding opportunities related to surface transportation include pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and safety programs, scenic and historic highway programs, landscaping and scenic beautification, historic preservation, and environmental mitigation.

TE projects must relate to surface transportation and must qualify under one or more of the 12 eligible categories:

  1. Provision of facilities for pedestrians and bicycles.
  2. Provision of safety and educational activities for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  3. Acquisition of scenic easements and scenic or historic sites (including historic battlefields).
  4. Scenic or historic highway programs (including the provision of tourist and welcome center facilities).
  5. Landscaping and other scenic beautification.
  6. Historic preservation.
  7. Rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation buildings, structures, or facilities (including historic railroad facilities and canals).
  8. Preservation of abandoned railway corridors (including the conversion and use of the corridors for pedestrian or bicycle trails).
  9. Inventory, control, and removal of outdoor advertising.
  10. Archaeological planning and research.
  11. Environmental mitigation
    1. to address water pollution due to highway runoff; or
    2. reduce vehicle-caused wildlife mortality while maintaining habitat connectivity.
  12. Establishment of transportation museums.

The Federal share for Transportation Enhancement projects is the same as the Surface Transportation Program.  In general, the Federal share is 80 percent, with a 20 percent State and/or local match.

There is some additional flexibility for the Federal share for TE projects. A State can use TE funds for up to 100 percent of the cost of individual projects without a corresponding match.  However, for a fiscal year, the ratio of Federal funds to State match for all TE funded projects must comply with the maximum Federal share provisions.  This amendment also provides some additional innovative features as follows:

  • Allows other Federal funds from any non-U.S. DOT agency to be credited toward the non-Federal share of the costs of a project.
  • Allows the value of other contributions to be credited toward the non-Federal share.
  • Allows the non-Federal share to be calculated on a project, multiple-project, or program wide basis.
  • Allows the Federal share of the cost of a project to be funded with 100 percent Federal funds.

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