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Bus Rapid Transit Study

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Powerpoint Presentation - April 2009 Public Involvement


The purpose of the Greenwich/Norwalk Bus Rapid Transit Study (Study) is to examine the operational feasibility of Bus Rapid Transit along the Route 1 corridor between Greenwich and Norwalk and to develop an implementation program for such a service.

The study area is comprised of the Route 1 corridor between the New York State border in Greenwich and the Norwalk Transit District Wheels hub in downtown Norwalk, including auxiliary roadways containing key trip generators. The municipalities located in the study area include Greenwich, Stamford, Darien and Norwalk. Key trip generators within the study area include Downtown Greenwich, Greenwich Hospital, UConn Stamford, Stamford Hospital, Downtown Stamford, Stamford Transportation Center, Norwalk Community College, and Norwalk Hospital.  

Study Objectives:

The primary study objectives are as follows: Develop a Bus Rapid Transit model that:

  • Will provide cost efficient service and generate strong ridership;
  • Can be incorporated on a roadway with limited expansion capabilities;
  • Can produce substantial travel time savings along the Route 1 Corridor;
  • Will attract new riders to the bus network to help alleviate congestion on the region s roadways;
  • Will provide an alternative high-speed transit option for rail commuters faced with overcrowded trains; and
  • Will provide extra capacity on the busiest bus corridor in South Western Connecticut.

The Greenwich/Norwalk Bus Rapid Transit Study will be developed over a period of approximately nine months. The completed Study will recommend a preferred alternative among the established options for developing a Bus Rapid Transit system along the Route 1 Corridor, including concept plans, capital requirements and implementation techniques.

Study Scope:

The study scope consists of the following five major tasks:

  • Project Initiation;
  • Develop and Analyze Baseline Data;
  • Identify BRT Alternatives and the Operational Feasibility of a BRT System;
  • Select, Refine and Detail a Preferred Alternative; and
  • Final Report.
    Public outreach will be occurring at various points throughout the course of the study.

Project Team:


South Western Regional Planning Agency

Prime Consultants:



TranSystems Corporation - Herbert Levinson, PE

Contact Us:

If you have comments or would like additional information, please contact:

Craig Lader, Senior Transportation Planner
888 Washington Boulevard
Stamford, CT 06901

Phone: 203-316-5190
Fax: 203-316-4995


Study Products:

Technical Memoranda:

Draft Executive Summary 
Draft Final Report
Draft Final Report Appendces (19 MB)
Draft Technical Memo #3 - Service Plan 
Draft Technical Memo #2 - Alternatives Concepts Memo
Draft Technical Memo #1 - Baseline Bus Operations Memo   

 Stakeholder Advisory Committee Documents:

 April 3, 2008:

Stakeholder Advisory Committee: Meeting Minutes
Presentation - BRT Overview and Study Objectives

July 31, 2008:

Stakeholder Advisory Committee:  Meeting Minutes
Stakeholder Advisory Committee: Meeting Minutes Presentation - Baseline Data and Stakeholder Outreach

November 12, 2008:

Stakeholder Advisory Committee: Meeting Summary

March 4, 2009:

Joint Stakeholder/Technical Advisory Committee: Meeting Summary   

 Technical Advisory Committee Documents:

July 31, 2008:
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Summary 
September 25 2008:
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Summary
March 4, 2009:
Joint Stakeholder/Technical Advisory Committee: Meeting Summary   

  Public Participation: 



Public Information Sessions will for the Study will be held at the following times and locations:

Norwalk:  Monday April 27, 2009 11AM-1PM, Norwalk Public Library Community Room (1 Belden Ave.)

Stamford: Tuesday April 28, 2009 6:00-7:30 PM, Stamford Gov't Center 3rd Floor (888 Washington Blvd.)

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