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Air Quality Conformity

Air Quality Conformity

The State of Connecticut and each of the state's planning regions is required to demonstrate that transportation programs and long range transportation plans do not violate the federal Clean Air Act of 1990 (1990 CAAA). The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) performs transportation and air quality modeling for the entire state. CTDOT's compliance assessment has determined that all elements of CTDOT's transportation program and the regional long range transportation plans conform to applicable State Implementation Plan and 1990 CAAA Conformity Guidance criteria as well as the revised transportation conformity budgets approved by U.S. EPA effective February 4, 2004. Links to the latest CTDOT Air Quality Conformity Report and the South Western Region MPO's Air Quality Conformity Statement are provided.

CTDOT Air Quality Conformity

CTDOT has updated the Air Quality Conformity reports  for Ozone and PM2.5, originally dated January 2011 and revised August 2013, for inclusion in the 2011 Regional Transportation Plan and the 2012-2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendments.

The emissions analysis demonstrated conformity for the Connecticut portion of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut non-attainment area for both Ozone and PM2.5. Results indicated that the projects and recommendations included in the plan will assist with improving air quality in the non-attainment area and move towards meeting all NAAQS.

Air Quality Conformity Findings:

 On January 29, 2014, FHWA and FTA issued positive conformity determinations of the 2011 Regional Transportation Plans and Amendments to the 2012-2015 Transportation Improvement Programs. 

FHWA and FTA Positive Conformity Determination, January 29, 2014

The federal determinations were based off of the most recent CTDOT August 2013 Ozone and PM 2.5 determinations, listed below:

 **Air Quality Conformity for Draft 2015-2018 TIP for South Western Region**

Additional Information:

Air Quality Conformity Interagency Consultation Process

Air Quality Conformity Interagency Consultation Process (1.3Mb) 


Conformity Reports and information on Public Information Sessions can also be found on the Long Range Transportation Plan Web Page

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