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Open Space Inventory

 Open Space Inventory


The purpose of the Study is to develop a detailed inventory of preserved open space parcels in Connecticut's South Western Region and to promote best practices in open space acquisition and stewardship.

 Primary project objectives are as follows:

  • To establish an inventory of open space parcels and policies that provides a framework for local and regional planning;
  • To document definitions of open space in use at the federal, state, regional, and local level;
  • To develop a database of preserved open space in the region;
  • To catalogue preserved open space by use or purpose according to commonly accepted definitions;
  • To identify institutions and organizations with the ability to manage and maintain permanently preserved open space;
  • To document policies and programs governing open space acquisition, development and management at the federal, state, regional, and local level;
  • To educate federal, state, regional, and local policy-makers, as well as the general public, about the open space parcels in permanent preservation in the Region;
  • To actively involve state, regional, and local stakeholders in the development of the Study;
  • To encourage the preservation of open space resources in an increasingly developed region.

 The completed plan inventories and describes open space in the Region according to commonly accepted definitions, list grant programs that can support open space acquisition, and identify organizations operating in the region with the ability to manage and maintain open space.  The public is encouraged to provide input and feedback on the study's findings and proposals.

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