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The Referrals Committee meets monthly to review and comment on regional developments and changes in land use regulations as statutorily required. The review and comments are forwarded to the Agency for action at their regular monthly meetings.

SWRPA reviews four types of changes to municipal plans and regulations and makes comments on their potential for inter-municipal impacts. The four types of changes are:

1)      Any proposed establishment of or changes to a zone or regulation affecting the use of zone which is within 500 feet of the boundary of another municipality (almost all zoning regulation amendments) must be referred to SWRPA for its findings and recommendations. SWRPA receives the proposed changes then provides the Referrals Committee with a description and recommended findings. The Committee then discusses staff's recommendation and a consensus is achieved to created SWRPA's official recommendation. This recommendation is then reported to the referring municipality. Although the recommendation is purely advisory, it must be read into the record of the public hearing. (C.G.S. §8-3b)

2)      SWRPA also receives referrals when a subdivision of land is planned which will abut or include land in two or more municipalities. Instead of just findings and recommendations, here SWRPA is supposed to report its findings on the inter-municipal aspects of the proposed subdivision, including street layout, storm drainage, sewer and water service and "such other matters as it considers appropriate". (C.G.S. §8-26b)

3)      Applications to operate a foreign trade zone within the South Western Region must be referred to SWRPA for comments on the advisability of establishing such a zone (extremely rare). (C.G.S. §7-136e)

4)      Local Plans of Conservation & Development and any amendments to them. SWRPA is to comment on the plan's consistency with the regional Plan, the state Plan and the region at large. (C.G.S. §8-23)

Referrals come from the eight municipalities within the South Western Region which include: Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton, Weston and Westport. Referrals from municipalities adjacent to these (within Connecticut) are also reviewed for inter-municipal impacts. These include: Ridgefield, Redding, Easton and Fairfield.

Reports: Please contact the SWRPA office at (203) 316-5190 to request a copy of a specific report.



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