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Rail Station Parking Study

South Western Region Rail Station Parking Study, 2009


The Study is an examination of the many aspects of rail station parking in the Region, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities related to managing and operating rail station parking and parking facilities;

  • Cost of rail station parking (annual/monthly permits, daily/hourly rates);

  • Permitting process used to manage wait lists, issue permits and enforce parking/permit rules and regulations;

  • Capacity of rail station parking facilities (structures and surface lots); and

  • Websites with parking information and services for commuters.

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The objectives of the Study are:

  • Verify rail station parking cost, permit and capacity figures;

  • Gain an understanding of rail station parking conditions, management and operations;

  • Develop a series of findings based on data collected and observations made;

  • Provide a set of recommendations based on findings and the South Western Region Long Range Transportation Plan, 2007-2035; and

  • Identify next steps that SWRPA can take to promote the implemenation of the recommendations.

The Study was completed by SWRPA, in coordination with:

  • Connecticut Department of Transportation;

  • Municipal parking managers; and

  • Municipal Chief Elected Officials

Study Products:

Complete Study with Appendices (large file):

Individual Study documents:

Study-related documents:

South Western Region Rail Station Parking Website (coming soon)

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