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SWRPA Elects Officers for 2014.pdf - 1/24/2014SWRPA Elects Officers for 2014

The South Western Regional Planning Agency is governed by a 22-member board.  Board members are all locally appointed citizen volunteers from each of the eight member municipalities.

Representation is based on the latest U.S. Census figures, with each member municipality having at least two representatives, and an additional representative for each 50,000 population, or part thereof over 25,000. Where a local planning commission exists, at least one of the Agency representatives is to be appointed by the planning commission, with the other representatives to be elected or appointed in a manner prescribed by local ordinance.


  • Mr. John Marr (Treasurer) 3

  • Ms. Laurie Williamson1



  • Ms. Margerita Alban3

  • Mr. Robert Byrnes (Chairman) 2

  • Mr. Paul Settelmeyer 2


         NEW CANAAN

  • VACANCY  1

  • Mr. Keith Simpson3



  • Mr. Arthur Scialabba (Secretary) 4

  • Mr. Victor Cavallo 3

  • Ms. Carolyn Wall4

  • Mr. Hubert Smith 4


  • Mr. Jay Tepper 3

  • Mr. Jack Halpert  4

  • Mr. Thomas Lombardo 4

  • Ms. Phyllis Pugliesi (Vice-Chairman) 4



  • Dr. Margaret Wirtenberg 1

  • Mr. Ridgeway Young 3



  • Mr. Timothy Wetmore 3

  • Mr. Michael Stashower  1

  • Ms. Jennifer Johnson 1



  • Mr. Henry Boucher4


Appointing Authority

1 Board of Selectmen
2 Board of Selectmen/RTM
3 Planning (or P & Z) Commission
4 Mayoral Appointment

Last updated January 2, 2014

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